With the following 3 modules, you can get the maximum success out of your influencer business with SocialPace.

You can decide individually how far you want to go and which modules you want to use - SocialPace supports you!

Module 1

Your Store

With your own and integrated online shop including website, you offer your favorite products permanently, clearly and for direct ordering. You can also design the website according to your own wishes and add blog posts, social feeds, cooperation partners, etc. to it. The products are easily exported to your social media channels and are permanently visible to your followers in your social shop.

We take care of creating the shop and other website components for you, setting up the payment methods, the legal texts and the logistics for your orders. Even your existing cooperation partners can be integrated via drop shipping. It is important that you have your own customer data and can use it for various other purposes. We also provide you with the legal framework so that you do not have to set up your own company.

However, it doesn't mean that you have to change your entire earnings model now. You can also simply continue existing cooperations via affiliate or other advertising conditions. It is simply a supplement that you will enjoy very much in the short, medium and long term!

Module 2

Your Brand

As an influencer, you are your own brand. People follow you because they love you and trust you. Put an end to cramped compensation models, time-limited product cooperations and develop your own brand! You can adapt these individually to you and your profile and stand behind your products 100%.

We support you with the trademark registration and our team will help you to find the right products, packaging and suppliers for you. Through our worldwide sourcing network we already have contact with numerous suppliers and also people on site who can check the quality of the goods.

Module 3

Marketplace Integration

Sell ​​your products where your followers and future customers prefer to shop. We offer you the opportunity to list your products on Zalando, AboutYou, Amazon and many other marketplaces. With your reach, you have the power to push your products to the top without a large investment. Once they get there, they generate new sales and income for you every day. Your followers will also provide good ratings, which will make your products even more successful. Your friends can also help promote your favorite products - and of course earn some money as well. Everybody wins!

We take over the integration on the marketplaces, product maintenance, processing of orders and the associated customer support for you - this is our day-to-day business and for you a hands-off money printing machine!

What happens in the first interview?

In the first interview you tell us about your work as an influencer and what goals you would like to pursue in the future. We will then tell you how our system works, how we can implement your goals together and of course what our share in the whole thing is.